MFA Projects

Organic Unity

22 Feb , 2015   Gallery

Graduate Student: Michael Moore Project: Organic Unity App For this project we were to create a learning object. A description of a learning object would be a progression of steps that lead to an end result The concept for this project was to design an app that explained the basic fundamentals of design to new […]

MFA Projects

Live Cancer Free

21 Feb , 2015   Gallery

Graduate Student: Michael Moore Project: Live Cancer Free : Posters and Video This project was not only my favorite but also the hardest. The concept was to create a series of posters that informed the public of the misconceptions of cancer. After reading some articles and creating a word association list the concept began to […]

MFA Projects

VELOSEK (Velo-Seek)

17 Feb , 2015   Gallery

MFA Candidate: Joshua Benefield Concept: User Interface Design. This is something that would have been pretty intimidating, had it not been for the support and knowledge of Professor Seth Johnson. This app solves a very specific problem, for a very niche market of individuals, road cyclists. While there are a ton of apps out there […]

MFA Projects


16 Feb , 2015   Gallery

Student: Joshua Benefield To continue my theme of addressing societal issues through visual communication, I chose a very localized issue to Jacksonville State University, and admittedly to many colleges, if not most, across the country. The addition of the dreaded “Freshman Fifteen” or the estimated fifteen pounds a freshman is expected to gain in their […]

Department News

Analyze / Plan / Create

16 Feb , 2015  

Our newest commercial promoting our MFA in Visual Communication Design at JSU. Find out more information about our MFA at

Gallery Shows

Brett Callero: The Edge of Convergence

16 Feb , 2015  

Artist, Brett Callero giving a gallery talk on his recent work on display at Jacksonville State University’s Department of Art.

MFA Projects

Artists as Entrepreneur

15 Feb , 2015   Gallery

Graduate Student: Patrice Anderson Concept: The Artists as Entrepreneur project is a website resource to help guide students in Fine Arts and Graphic Design to find ways to start thinking of how to make money through entrepreneurship. Audience: The main audience will be Fine Arts and Graphic Design students, but may also be utilized by alumni. […]

MFA Projects

Fat AL

14 Feb , 2015   Gallery

Student: Joshua Benefield Addressing a topic that is near and dear to my heart (goodbye 22 pounds) I set out to approach the epidemic that is obesity within the state of Alabama. Research led me to the Alabama Department of Public Health’s Obesity Campaign, and their valuable statistics about not only nutrition in general, but […]

Department News

SPE South Central Conference

10 Oct , 2014   Gallery

Here’s a look at the SPE South Central Conference held in Nashville. Ten JSU photography students and several alumni participated in workshops, portfolio reviews, lectures, a downtown Nashville art crawl, (and even a little karaoke)!

Department News,Gallery Shows

Sarah Cusimano Miles and Jamie Runnells: Assemblage

1 Oct , 2014  

ASSEMBLAGE: Works by Sarah Cusimano Miles and Jamie Runnels are featured in the Hammond Hall Gallery with an October 9 opening reception. New faculty Chad Anderson will have work displayed in the Roundhouse.